Franchise FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Franchise FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Franchisee Opportunity of Smart Skill Academy

You too can…We look for serious, committed & long-term business oriented people who want to make a difference in the society. Any ambitious person with the qualities mentioned and interested to start up a franchising business, preferably interested in education sector, can apply for the franchisee of Smart Skill Academy. Smart Skill Academy supports women entrepreneurs and helps them get an identity of their own. Many women who are on break / sabbatical or those who wish to quit their job and give more time to their families prefer the franchisee of Smart Skill Academy as this business gives them flexible hours of working along with decent regular returns.
No. We do not restrict someone based on the educational back-ground, however, anyone with a graduate degree would be able to handle the necessary requirements to run this business successfully. Well, the qualification we desire would be a lot of enthusiasm, passion, hard-working & smart working capacity and a serious interest.
You don’t need to know anything before you start up. You shall be trained thoroughly in the subject matter of all the courses.
Yes. You can appoint a teacher (course instructor) for your franchisee center, who can be trained to conduct these courses, while as a franchisee owner you can focus on the business development and promotions.
To begin with, one needs to understand that for any investment, it is important for us to check the returns (ROI). The ROI in this business is simply very good, wherein one can expect to recover their investment in the initial 6 to 12 months itself, unlike other franchisee or business opportunities which usually take around 2-3 years. The investment needed to start a unit center could vary case to case based on various factors – Also, as the company has various offers at times, it is better to check about the same at that point of time. Usually one can start a center by renting or your own space and some of our Brands like Smart Skill Academy have Abacus Training sessions which can be operate even from home or community center of their apartments. (Please note that one can opt for franchisee of individual courses too, which would start at very low prices.)
Yes. The company would train you in detail regarding the Business Development. As most people who take up this franchisee opportunity are new to the industry or are 1st timers into business, the company would hand-hold them in terms of the business approach right from starting up to business promotions to counselling to anything needed to succeed in this business.
The company would guide you right from the suggestion of the choice of the franchisee center, it’s location, branding, board display, promotion plans, training the course instructors on course subjects, counselling training, business development training, systems and processes to be followed etc. We guide you in terms of the most ideal means of promotions offline and online. We also conduct competitions regularly and we provide software to help monitor all the activities to grow more effectively & successfully. Apart from all this a franchisee is closely hand-holded and guided at every stage.
With business comes risk, however minimizing the same is always welcome. A Kids Concepts franchise opportunity mitigates the same and allows scope for relatively quick returns on your investment. Additionally, the investment being so low, the ROI works out to be very high. Every business works if you work, hence the guarantee is based on your efforts utilizing the support and guidance provided by the company as mentioned above. The company does not provide any kind of guarantees.
Yes. The company conducts competitions also we have our separate team to establish new conceptual ideas for developing our venues in many areas and outcome the same. We also plan to conduct district level events on the initiative of the local franchisees.
A unit franchisee can plan to average an income around Rs.50,000/- to Rs.90,000/- per month, depending on the efforts taken. The franchisee who is working seriously can recover their investment in around 6 months to 1 year itself, unlike other options that usually requires 2 to 3 years.
Yes. You can have an Area Franchisee or Master Franchisee if you have the interest and bandwidth to manage the same. The investment for an Area Franchisee & Master Franchisee may vary depending on the locality and potential of the area in consideration. An Area or a Master franchisee gets to earn additional leveraged income on the business generated by other franchisees too in their area of operations apart from a chance to run multiple direct centers.
You don’t need to start this business on a full time basis. Few franchisee owners only manage the promotions and have employed a teacher for trainings. It can be managed part-time comfortably. With multiple batches and higher returns, one can plan to concentrate full-time too, for greater benefit as you go along later. Choice is entirely yours. This opportunity is also popular as the best flexi-time or part-time business opportunity especially for women.
No. Not Required. You can start this Business in a rented place, some of our Brands like Smart Skill Academy have Abacus Training sessions which can be operate even from home or community center of their apartments or existing Play home or Pre-school or School class room nearby your location. Some also run it comfortably from their own homes.
Yes. As we are an ISO Certified Education Institution our certificate is valid through Employment venues also we have apply for the NSDC – National Skills Development Corporation of India and NCVT – National Council for Vocational Training Accreditation. We do give certificates to everyone whoever completes the training as per the levels of the courses. The same includes franchisee owner or course instructor as well as all the students.
The Training for Course Instructors / Franchisees shall be conducted online to provide convenience & save time, travel & extra expenses to trainees and shall be for a period of around 9 to 11 days (for all the courses together). However, as the same is designed to be taken online, it allows flexibility and convenience of time and days. Further, there would also be support at any time through video conferencing tools like Skype or Google Hangouts. Additionally anyone interested to take live trainings can also come to our office or designated locations as and when the live trainings are announced and our Territory Manager will be constantly communicating with your center manager and counsellor for business Training & development.
Yes. We do have Online course study materials and Tutoring clips (Videos), These Courses can be managed by one teacher also by providing your center as a Online Satellite Center so that the student can access our courses online by not asking help from your center faculty’s or Teacher’s. You may want to increase the number of teachers only when the number of batches & student enrolments increase.
Satellite center doesn’t need much number of academic teams to maintain the center. Satellite center can manage and teach the student from our online Portal and access our materials and video tutoring.
Franchisee Agreement period will be three years, after successful completion of three years franchise have to make request to the company to renew the Franchisee Agreement.
Students of the all age groups 3.5 years to 60 years can take up one or more courses of Smart Skill Academy. Our pre-courses can help the students to improve concentration, speed, patience, photographic memory, persistence, focus, cognitive skill improvement, mental alertness etc.
Yes, there are competitive companies for few of these courses. The difference is that most of them provide single window of opportunity like they give one particular - IT Training or Animation or Robotics of these courses, while Smart Skill Academy provides IT Training, Animation School & Robotics workshop courses and plans to add more. This helps in the same student coming back for other courses as well.
Smart Skill Academy – Abacus courses starts at around 3.5 years itself while the others start at 5 years or more. Also most companies have same content for ages between 5 years and 12 years, while we have 2 different categories between 5 to 8 years and 8 to 12 years.
In Handwriting, our courses are found to be the most result-oriented in the market and have received immense appreciation and positive feedback from satisfied parents. Similar appreciation is received even in Rubik’s cube and Calligraphy courses too.
We train our franchisees in Business Development and handhold closely in terms of promotional ideas online and offline.
Once you start your center, you may want to do promotional activities on a regular basis in the initial 4 to 6 months. The same could be in the form of pamphlets distribution, banners, online classifieds, ads, referrals and some kinds of Local promotion activities in your nearby schools, colleges, corporate and residential areas. The same, although nominal, needs to be budgeted for. Also once you took the franchisee our TM and DGM will help you through the process of economic budget wise programs to establish and make your center business and student friendly.
All the materials shall be provided by the company. The franchisee procures the same periodically from the company by making Material Indent request and further gives to the students on registration.
Apart from the huge difference in the start-up capital, the returns on your investment (ROI) would be much slower in both the options as compared to Smart Skill Academy franchisee. Additionally the time and effort dedication needed in the other 2 options is throughout the week & full time, while Smart Skill Academy gives flexible running possibilities like students can 24/7 Portal for Centre’s Admin Staffs training protocols, for Faculty online how to teach manual and for Student’s can study online (Satellite) or offline courses.
Yes, you can do so. However, it is not recommended to completely handover the operations and responsibility to the other person. If you are busy in your job or other business, maintain and monitor certain reports regularly and conduct center meetings once a month to keep yourself updated about the feedback. You could even have your spouse or other family members monitor the same and of course our company TM and DGM is there to monitor on behalf of you all times.
Yes, you can start multiple centers and you shall also be offered a discount of 10% on the franchise fees along with additional promotion materials. However this would entirely depend on your bandwidth to manage the same
Smart Skill Academy wishes you all success to your sparkling and rightful career…

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